Date and Time: 1/20/2022 at 1 pm eastern
Run Time: 90 minutes including Q & A session
Leader:  Brad Lebowsky, MBA, Nonprofit Consultant
Credits: Awarded 1.5 credit hours by HRCI and 1.5 PDCs by SHRM
Price: Webinar $295; Webinar + Download $349 (Share the download with your colleagues)
Audience: Grant writers, program managers, department heads, executive directors, CEOs, senior executive staff, board members, finance, payroll, human resources, in-house counsel


Grants management is complex. Whether it involves: sourcing a new grant, implementation of a grant, periodic reporting to the grantor or communicating with your board and key staff, or at closeout of the grant, you’ll need to track your spending and be able to measure your success in achieving the goals that have been established. Mess up along the way and it’s likely the end of your funding, and a blow to your organization’s mission.

Please join Brad Lebowsky for this important webinar. Mr. Lebowsky is a nonprofit consultant with decades of experience assisting grant seekers to source, apply for, and implement both public and private grants. He will offer guidance for successfully managing your grant; emphasizing key steps throughout the grant implementation life cycle and highlight potential pitfalls, regulatory requirements, and grants management best practices. His goal is to improve your grants management skills and in so doing increase the likelihood your program will be successful, and your organization continue to serve its community and fulfill its mission.


During this informative webinar Mr. Lebowsky will discuss:    

  • Sourcing public and private grants‒building your pipeline, single and multi-year grants
  • Preparing the grants application‒putting your organization in the most favorable light
  • Winning grants over the competition  
  • What supporting documentation you should include in your application
  • What you should say in your application and what you should not say
  • Pre-award activities‒getting ready to receive your funding, what should be in place, etc.
  • The three phases of grants management‒implementation, reporting, and closeout
  • Roles and responsibilities for the grants management team
  • Managing post-award, start-up, implementation, and close-out activities (e.g., making sure the grant funds are spent as the grantor intended)
  • Understanding and satisfying funding requirements
  • Communicating with the grantor, government or private, and the organization’s staff and board of directors
  • Managing the grant budget‒accounting and compliance
  • Tracking and measuring the progress of the grant
  • Dealing with compliance requirements
  • Tackling time and effort reporting
  • How to measure indirect costs
  • Understanding procurement and the disposition of property rules
  • Periodic reporting and final closeout reporting‒single year and multi-year grants
  • Sample best practices
    • Timing when your finance department gets involved
    • Aligning your grant with your mission, etc.


Brad Lebowsky earned his MBA with an emphasis on nonprofit management specializing in finance and budgeting. He has more than 25 years of nonprofit management experience and is a sought-after speaker, author, and nonprofit consultant. His areas of expertise include budgeting, finance, grant writing, strategic planning, board training, retention of donors, employees, volunteers, and professional development.

Brad has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations helping them to improve their performance and better fulfill their missions. In the current period of economic uncertainty Brad has a demonstrated track record of assisting his clients to improve their operations and to identify and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Brad can be reached at As a speaker, author, consultant, or podcast host of the NEA Podcast on iTunes and wherever you find your podcasts, his overriding goals are to grow people, communities, and resources for nonprofit organizations across the country.