Dates: 05/18/2021, 05/25/2021, 06/03/2021, 06/08/2021, and 06/10/2021
Time: Session begins at 1 pm eastern
Run Time: Each session is 2 hours including Q & A
Leader: Brad Lebowsky, MBA, Nonprofit Consultant
Credits: Each session awarded 2 credit hours by HRCI and 2 PDCs by SHRM
Price: Webinar $1195; Webinar + Download $1295 (Share the download with your colleagues or use the downloads for board of director training)
Audience: Executive directors, CEOs, board of directors, etc.


As a nonprofit executive director, you know better than anyone the number of so-to-speak different “hats” you must wear. You’re the person everyone looks to for leadership and strategic guidance. This requires a broad range of knowledge and experience. You’re also, the organization’s primary decision maker. These are just a few of the requirements associated with being a successful executive director.

It seems like your organization’s operating environment changes every day.  What worked a few months ago may already be out of date.  The pandemic is evidence of this. The pandemic has forced many unexpected changes on your organization involving: programming, fundraising, management, volunteering, and the list goes on. Essentially, the mission remains the same, but how your organization goes about achieving it has likely been changed forever by the pandemic–and you have been at the helm throughout it all.

The need for training to meet these challenges doesn’t stop just because you’re the executive director. Quite the opposite. Only with training can you provide the meaningful type of leadership and guidance your organization and your stakeholders expect from you. Likely, however, it seems as if there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything you need to get done. So, who has time for training?


The Nonprofit Executive Director Training & Certification Program may be the answer you’re looking for.  The program consists of 5 two-hour webinar sessions, presented over a 4-week period, which you can attend from your office, home, or by download, if you are not able to attend a live webinar. Each session focuses on a different executive director management responsibility. After you finish attending the 5 sessions and pass a multiple-choice quiz with a minimum 70 percent grade, we’ll send you your Nonprofit Executive Director Training Certification Certificate from E-Learning Pro, LLC.  This attractive certificate is proof that you take your continuing education seriously. The certificate is suitable for framing and proudly displaying.  As a bonus, you can also begin using the eLPED acronym after your name. You can retake the quiz if you wish and your certification is valid for two years.

Participating in the Nonprofit Executive Director Training & Certification Program will give you the training you need to keep up and ahead of the management challenges you’ll likely face both in the short and longer term.  You’ll be demonstrating for your staff, board, community, and other interested stakeholders the importance of continuing education in a fast-changing operating environment and helping to establish yourself as an industry leader.


Each of the five sessions is two hours–a total of 10 hours of executive director training.  Each session will be devoted to a management topic that is essential for your success. Below are the abbreviated topic outlines for each session:

Session 1‒People Skills

Leadership. Vision and Values, Managing Change, Public Relations, Community Development, Professional Development

Session 2‒Strategic and Financial Management

Mission, Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Financial Management, Program Development, Measuring Program Effectiveness, Financial Statements and Reports, Technology Planning

Session 3‒Governance and Government Relations

Board of Directors Responsibilities, Directors and Executive Director Working Together, Form 990 Preparation, Johnson Amendment, Directors Handbook, Overview of Federal and State Regulations

Session 4‒Fundraising and Grants

Executive Director Responsibilities, Board Responsibilities, Major Donor Program, Other Fundraising Programs, Donor Retention, Overview of State Regulations, Sourcing and Implementing Private and Public Grants

Session 5‒Human Resources & Training and Development

Middle and Senior Staff Responsibilities, Volunteers, Overview of Federal and State Employment Laws and Regulations, Employee and Volunteer Handbooks, Skill Based and Management Training


Each of the five sessions will be presented by Brad Lebowsky. Brad earned his MBA with an emphasis on nonprofit management specializing in finance and budgeting. Brad has more than 25 years of nonprofit management experience and is a sought-after speaker, author, and nonprofit consultant. His areas of expertise include budgeting, finance, grant writing, strategic planning, board training, retention of donors, employees, volunteers, and professional development. He also has a podcast, The NEA Podcast, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Brad can be reached at As a speaker, author, or consultant his overriding goals are to grow people, communities, and resources for nonprofit organizations across the country.