Format: Download
Run Time: 90 minutes including Q & A session
Leader: Dr. Jim Castagnera, Attorney at Law
Credits: Awarded 1.5 credit hours by HRCI
Price: Download $199 (Share the download with your colleagues)
Audience: HR, benefits, finance, HR managers, CEOs, in-house counsel, managers and supervisors, etc.


Possibly, you have already performed your annual HR compliance audit and updated your company’s employee handbook with the necessary changes. Perhaps, pre-pandemic you were confident your employee policies and procedures were up to date, and addressed all federal, state, and local statutory and regulatory requirements. Then along came COVID-19, and with it, a flood of new laws and regulations. Now is a good time to conduct a mini HR compliance self-audit to bring your policies and procedures back into compliance.
Please join Dr. Jim Castagnera, attorney at law, as he guides you through your mini compliance audit. He will review with you the new statutes, regs, and guidelines, highlighting necessary changes to your policies and procedures caused by the pandemic. The post-pandemic compliance paradigm will be quite different from the familiar regulatory compliance environment of only a few short months ago. HR needs to make sure their company’s policies and procedures reflect all legal aspects of our brave new regulatory world. This is the best way to protect your employer from liability which could include employee lawsuits as well as scrutiny by the EEOC, DOJ, and various state agencies.


Dr. Castagnera will provide summary and analysis relating to:

  • Choosing and prioritizing the federal and state statutes and regulations to cover in your mini-self audit. This will begin with the traditional federal alphabet soup: ADA, FLSA, FMLA, GINA, HIPAA, NLRA, OSHA, and Title VII, as well as the new kids on the block. i.e. the FCCRA, CARES Act, and subsequent COVID-19 legislation.
  • Identifying those sections in each of the above regs which are affected by the COVID-19 and suggesting necessary changes to existing policies and procedures
  • Noteworthy state and local legislation, such as COVID-19 inspired amendments to New Jersey’s paid-sick leave law and Los Angeles’s ordinance topping off FCCRA benefits
  • How the major governmental guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Labor, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission impact your current policies and procedures
  • How to cover issues relating to testing employees, reconfiguring workspaces, providing PPE, remote work arrangements, etc. in your policies and procedures
  • Valuable policies and procedures relating to new disciplinary rules regarding workplace hygiene, social distancing, reporting symptoms, etc.
  • Policies changes relating to sharing health information with public health officials
  • Sample policy language and checklists
  • Dress policies relating to participating in video conferences
  • Policies for the next pandemic when it occurs
  • Litigation and liability prevention strategies–how to reduce your employer’s risks


Dr. Jim Castagnera is an employment and labor attorney with more than 36 years’ experience. He is a sought-after speaker on HR Compliance and related topics, teacher, successful author, and accomplished consultant who assists his clients in meeting their current HR compliance challenges with clear and practical solutions. He holds a JD and a PhD from Case Western Reserve University. Following ten years as an employment and labor lawyer with a major Philadelphia law firm, he served for 23 years as in-house legal counsel at Rider University. With 20 published books, mostly on HR-law topics, he teaches HR compliance in Drexel University’s Kline School of Law and is the chief consultant of Holland Media Services, with offices in Los Angeles and Philadelphia.