Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our live and on-demand webinars for Human Resources departments and Non-Profit organizations. If you don’t see your question answered, please use the form here to ask. We’ll be happy to assist.
Who is e-Learning Pro, LLC?

We are seasoned professionals with decades of experience providing need-to-know information services products for the markets we serve. We and our expert speakers are dedicated to providing our customers with the high-quality products and services they require in order to stay current and be prepared for the challenges they face.

What types of products do you offer?

We offer 90-minute live webinars and both on-demand and download versions of each of our live webinars.

What are on-demand webinars and downloads?

As the name suggests, an on-demand webinar allows you to participate in a recorded version of a webinar (view slides and listen to the audio) on your schedule. A download webinar is also a recorded live webinar (slides and audio) which you can download to your computer and play multiple times. On-demand webinars can only be viewed a maximum of 3 times.

How long after the live webinar will the on-demand and download versions be available?
Within 24 hours.
What does a 90-minute live webinar consist of?
A 90-minute live webinar consists of approximately 75 minutes of the speaker’s presentation and a 15-minute question and answer session.
Can I participate in the live question and answer session if I purchase an on-demand or download version of a webinar?
Unfortunately not, but you will still receive the recording of the live question and answer session which is included on both the download and on-demand versions of a webinar.
Do I need any special equipment to participate in a live webinar?
No, just your computer and phone. If you think that you would like to ask a live question during the question and answer session you will need to call in on your phone for the audio portion of the webinar. If you don’t plan to ask a question you can see the slides and hear the video entirely from your computer.
How can I ask a question during a live webinar?
You can ask a question in two different ways–either during the question and answer session (you will need to be on your phone in order to ask a live question) or by chatting your question during the webinar from your computer.
Are there slides that accompany the speaker's presentation?
Yes, in PDF format.
When will the slides be available for download?
This depends on when the speaker sends the slides to us, but, if not earlier, the slides are generally available several hours before a webinar is scheduled to begin.
When will I receive login instructions for my live webinar?
You’ll receive your login instructions shortly after you register. You will also receive a reminder notice the day before the webinar is scheduled to be held.
What should I do if I can't find my login instructions and the webinar is about to begin?
Call our webinar hosting service at 866-930-4500. The Confertel customer care department will assist you.
What number should I call if I have general customer service questions?
Please call us at 202-674-3783.
Can I opt out of receiving your emails?
Yes, by clicking the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every email promotion we send, or by emailing our customer service department using the form on this page, or by calling customer service (202-674-3783).
What forms of payment do you accept?
Credit cards, purchase orders (purchase orders must be approved by, purchase cards, and by invoice.
What do I do if I miss a webinar?
Call our customer service department. We will make an on-demand version of the webinar you missed available to you.
How do I prove that I attended one of your webinars?
We offer certificates. A certificate will be automatically emailed to the registrant for whom we have an email address. You can also request additional certificates for other attendees at the same webinar by emailing our customer service department using the form on this page.

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