Date and Time: 11/12/2020 at 1 pm eastern
Run Time: 90 minutes including Q & A session
Leader:  Brad Lebowsky, MBA, Nonprofit Consultant
Hours: Awarded 1.5 credit hours by HRCI
Price: Webinar $295; Webinar + Download $349 (Share the download with your colleagues)
Audience: Executive directors, program managers, managers, supervisors, nonfinancial executives, directors, etc.


To put it mildly, fundraising in 2020 has been disappointing. The Pandemic has had a devastating impact on the ability of nonprofits to raise funds for their programs and to fulfill their missions. With only weeks left in 2020, however, there is still enough time to bring in those needed year-end contributions, and, equally important, to prepare for what is going to be a very different looking fundraising experience in 2021 as the Pandemic drags on.

Regarding fundraising over the remainder of this year, your organization has an important additional tool which it shouldn’t overlook. Under the CARES Act, which was enacted last March as part of the federal coronavirus relief effort, individuals who itemize their federal income tax deductions and corporate donors both qualify for additional federal income tax deductions if they make contributions to a nonprofit by year-end.  In addition to reminding your individual and corporate donors of this significant federal tax benefit, you should also be considering any additional programming opportunities you might be able to put together by year end. The holiday and gift giving season is about to begin.  Perhaps you can still organize an online auction, sell custom apparel with your logo, start a new a crowdfunding program to fund an important program, sponsor a silent online auction, etc.? These are just a few suggestions for year-end programs.

In a few weeks we’ll welcome the new year, and 2021 fundraising will begin. The Pandemic isn’t going away soon, and next year nonprofits must adapt to the new world of fundraising. The time to prepare is now. Two questions: how will you approach your individual donors and corporate sponsors in 2021, and what online fundraising opportunities will exist? Can the successful live programs you’ve done in the past be adapted for the Internet? For example, perhaps in place of the annual gala you can sponsor an online auction? Possibly, you’ll want to investigate holding online discussion programs, expand your online social media donations programs, optimize your website to maximize donations, use board members more effectively to increase large donor contributions and expand corporate giving programs, etc.

Successful fundraising begins with a plan, and our speaker, Brad Lebowsky, author and nonprofit consultant will discuss how you can cash in on those year-end 2020 donations and, also, help you get ready for the 2021 fundraising season—identifying new opportunities and strategies, some online and others with your current and potentially new individual donors and corporate sponsors.


During this timely webinar Mr. Lebowsky will discuss:

  • Assessing your 2020 fundraising strategies to determine which of your programs have worked during the Pandemic
  • Identifying potential additional year-end fundraising opportunities such as virtual events, silent auctions, expanded federal tax incentives for individual and corporate donors to give more
  • CARES Act tax incentives for individual donors and corporate sponsors
  • Setting end of year goals for each of the programs you choose to run
  • Virtual tools to implement your Pandemic giving programs including email, social media, crowdfunding, etc.
  • The role of Zoom and similar conferencing software tools in facilitating your online programming
  • How to connect major donors and corporations to double/maximize incoming donations.
  • When to start promoting your various programs and how often
  • Getting testimonies for your website and social media to fuel giving
  • Marketing your brand to increase awareness and donations
  • Promoting your mission online to boost awareness of your organization and its mission
  • Updating your organization’s fundraising policy for 2021
  • Stressing with board members their dual responsibilities of corporate governance and fundraising
  • Setting goals and objectives for 2021
  • Strategies for turning past major in person events into virtual events
  • Potential virtual programming ideas which can raise money for your organization


Brad Lebowsky, MBA earned his MBA, with an emphasis on nonprofit management specializing in finance and budgeting. Brad has more than 25 years of nonprofit management experience and is a sought-after speaker, author, and nonprofit consultant. His areas of expertise include budgeting, finance, grant writing, strategic planning, board training, retention of donors, employees, volunteers, and professional development. He is also the author of Downsizing: Alternatives for Companies; a resource for those affected, and has produced a podcast, The Career Mentor which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Brad can be reached at As a speaker, author, or consultant his overriding goals are to grow people, communities, and resources for nonprofit organizations across the country.