About E-Learning Pro, LLC

Your continuing education needs don’t always fit within a set workday or schedule. Other tasks get in the way, but you still need to find time to stay current.

You want relevant and comprehensive information that directly impacts your work and professional development, and you want it to be there when you are ready. E-LearningPro and its experienced staff, are here for you, offering a robust catalog of live webinars and on-demand and download content services for human resources and nonprofit professionals that cover key management issues, new regulations, and newly emerging topics–all designed to keep you and your organization ahead of the game and prepared for what comes next.

Whether you are looking for help understanding a new regulation or law or need continuing education credits to maintain a certification or membership, we have a program for you that is viewable on your terms. We work with outstanding speakers who are experts in their fields to deliver quality interactive content and provide practical guidance to address your particular needs.

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